Terms And Conditions

MPL Studio Cash offers one type of program.

A 50% partnership. You will receive 50% of the Gross Net of every signup you refer to mplstudios.com. Gross Net is defined as all sales minus transaction fees.

All Funds are paid by check or bank wire transfer in US Funds. Payments are mailed or wired each week by CCBill. There is a $25.00 minimum payout amount before a partner will receive funds.

Funds go out to partners once a week on Mondays. The pay periods are from Monday thru Sunday of each week. There is a one week delay in sending funds to partners.

All surfers are tracked via a cookie that is set by CCBill's referral scripts. When a surfer hits the initial scripts upon leaving a referrers site, a cookie is set. If a referral sale is made, CCBill will look for the cookie and query the Referral Webmaster database. Through these methods, CCBill can determine what referrer sent the referral that resulted in an actual sale and can credit them for it.

You are free to generate traffic in any way that is not in violation of the terms herein.

E-mail spamming is strictly prohibited. This includes e-mail spamming, newsgroups and IRC. If you violate this term of your agreement, you will be terminated from the program and will not be paid.

MPL Studio Cash will not be responsible for loss due to downtimes resulting from complications with your hosting equipment or technical errors.

It is illegal to remove the copyright or watermark from any of the promotional content provided to you. If a partner is caught for copyright infringement, we will prosecute and ban you from MPL Studio Cash forever. Additionally, third party watermarks may not be added to our promotional content.

Content is provided to partners for promotional purposes only. It must be clear that content placed on partner pages is to solely promote MPL Studios, mplstudios.com, or MPL Studio Cash.

Resale, reuse or redistribution of content for any other purposes other than to promote MPL Studios, mplstudios.com, or MPL Studio Cash is illegal.

The domain of your promotional site or page must not contain any identical or similar name to MPL Studios, mplstudios.com, Studio Cash, or mplstudiocash.com etc.

By signing up for MPL Studio cash you understand you will receive our weekly MPL Studio Cash newsletter and you agree to receive our weekly MPL Studio Cash newsletter.

We reserve the right to cancel this program at any time, without prior notification. In such cases you will be notified immediately and paid for ALL accumulated funds up to that point in time, except in cases where it is determined you have cheated by violating this agreement in any way YOU WILL NOT BE PAID!

MPL Studio Cash reserves the right to terminate any CCBill affiliate account if an account is idle for 30 days, any part of this agreement is violated, or for any other reason.

We reserve the right to deny any prospective partner admittance in to any of our programs based on the content of their website, or for any other reason.

We reserve the right to change the payout rate.

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